Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming to terms with myself

I was sitting here trying to remember what I used to do in the evening.......then it hit me....NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Unless you want to talk about the CRAP food I poisoned my body with every single night while I sat around doing nothing.

I used to think heavy people that were happy were so lucky because they wouldn't get all depressed about people looking at them funny.....NOW...... I actually feel sorry for them because their quality of life is not very good. They can't keep up with their children or grandchildren.

I am & will be forever thankful to Bill Phillips for the knowledge he shared with me & so many others. Tony for helping me create the person I have been hiding for so many years & all the wonderful people that have inspired me along the way....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Although I know I will have days that I cave in to temptation, I know how to make amends for doing so. I am human. I WILL fall down BUT that does not make me a bad simply makes me HUMAN!

If I really want something I will think about it before I go get it. If after thinking about it I still want it then I will have it but I will not eat something out of impulse!

Why did I wait so long to start living?

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