Wednesday, January 14, 2009

100 % and feeling GREAT

I have been busting butt on my workouts the past few weeks but not so good with the eating (not horrible, just not good) I am proud to say I am on day 3 of being 100% in all areas!!!!

I started tracking my food on fitday again, I also track my calories burned. I am writing down EVERYTHING now & it seems to be working

I realized the other day I eat oatmeal with egg whites & flax seed oil EVERY morning & think nothing of it. I actually look forward to it BUT when it comes to eating my chicken or turkey I feel deprived if I don't cook it a bunch of different ways! NOW......I know I can eat the chicken or turkey to nourish my body NOT make my taste buds happy!

I have been right around 1400 calories a day. I am not weighing myself for 1 week so Saturday I'll be able to love my scale OR throw it through the window. I think I'm gonna LOVE it I feel REALLY GOOD!!!!


  1. Hey Girl! :) WTG!!! I'll wait and not weigh in again until Saturday, too. I miss my oats. lol Breakfast was my favorite part of the day. :P

    Have you seen Office Space? There is a scene where they guys take a baseball bat to a printer. They go out in a field and blast it into pieces. I say we get together and do that to the scale if it doesn't cooperate on Saturday. :)

  2. Your on for blowing up the scales on Saturday.....LOL