Monday, January 26, 2009

What will it Take??????

How the hell do you kick it hard core for 2 straight weeks get wonderful results & just fall down?!?!?!? I am sooooo sick of this! I am sick of kicking butt on my workouts & follow the eating 100% then slip! I tell myself all the time this has to stop! I have such a food addiction! I totally understand it is up to me to put the food into my mouth. I have prayed for strength. This is a REAL problem for me. It is NOT me just being weak. I want this more than anything in life. However, its like I go into this robotic mode & destroy everything in my path.

OMG I gotta go to sleep, I am rambling & starting to sound like the people that annoy me!


  1. Pssssst. You are human.

    Conni- you are doing awesome. What foods cause the slip up? Are they in your house? If so- you have to get them out. I'll say it for you- food addiction is like any other addiction- drug or alcohol or whatever. You wouldn't expect an alcoholic to go sit at a bar day and night and be fine. It wouldn't be right! Don't tempt yourself! The world is full of temptations as it is.

    Don't beat yourself up. You have your goals and dreams ahead of you. Don't look behind you. Keep your eyes on the prize!

  2. Hillary - the food is at work. I do not have any unauthorized foods in my house. I do well most of the time at work & then some days the addiction just takes over.

    Today they had chicken strips at work & I LOVE our works strips....well I had my chicken breast, broccoli, & salad while a coworker sat beside me eating the strips. The smell was incredible & for a brief moment I felt myself caving & then when I finished eating MY lunch I felt soooooo good about my decision!

    OH if only I could be that strong EVERY day!

    Thanks for the support!