Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Jan. 21st

Monday I pushed my workout to a whole new level. I was still so weak by last night that I had to go down in my weights a little! I HATE step-up lunges!!!!!!!

I'm having a hard time today because someone at work said I'm actually looking BIGGER! Thank goodness the Divas cleared some things up about that! However, I still hear her voice telling me "You look bigger, more bulky than you used to".....AAAARRRGGGG!!!!! I will continue doing what I've been doing because I know its right!

Tracy.....if you happen to read this......I can never thank you enough for helping me last summer! You put my head in the right direction & although I didn't get the results I wanted it had NOTHING to do with you it had to do with me not believing in myself & giving in to bad foods! You planted the seed in my head & I just started watering it so now it is blooming! THANK YOU....THANK YOU.....THANK YOU!!!

One thing I have noticed though is that following that hard workout on Monday, I have NO desire to eat bad food.....YEA!!!!! I didn't think that would ever happen! Prayers are being answered!


  1. I've only been training for 7 1/2 weeks myself so I'm no expert. But I did gain at the beginning and felt bloated. You will lose as soon as your body is out of shock :)

    I should read your whole blog...but when is your show?? Where is it? You should come up to WI and do the April one with me :)

  2. Hey Lady! You are doing great. I know its hard to keep those stinging words out of your head, but you have to replace them! The scale is moving in the right direction. I know you have been told about the Hussman site. Its goes over how the body shifts around. Have you done measurements?
    If you are pushing it as hard as you say (and I believe you!) then you may have fluid retention from muscles repairing themselves. ;)

    Say it with me- "I am strong, healthy and beautiful. I am nourishing my body with healthy nutrients and sculpting it into its best and most beautiful shape." Repeat. Now repeat that at work, on Glamazilla, when you get up in the morning and whenever temptation arises. ;)

  3. Thanks a lot Marissa & Hillary. You gals are such rocks! Or no is that GEMS? :)