Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BFL New Challenge don't realize how much you miss something till it is gone! I have been away from the BFL lifestyle since last September.

I started a challenge on March 1st. I feel like I have learned so much during the past 2 years.

I look back to past challenges & when I look at the weights I was lifting well that would explain why I didn't get the results I wanted.

I now am lifting to the MAX! Cheating is not even thought about at all!!!! THAT is a first!

I want this so badly. I KNOW I can get through this & will see some major transforming!

I looked back at all my BFL challenges & every week there was a change. May not have been much BUT there was a change! I went the past 9 weeks without any change at all just lots of depression from working out for almost 2 hours a day! I guess that is OK for people who have 2 hours to kill a day BUT I do not. I don't even have time to watch TV or read a book. My days are FULL! I honestly STEAL 3 hours a week to watch my 3 favorite shows. But to even think of seeing them I have to run in the house after work & hit my workout & DH must make the dinner or I miss that tiny bit of relaxing time!

Michelle & I started this challenge together as we both were feeling kinda down on ourselves & wanted to stop this insanity. It really helps to know that your friends are not there only to push you BUT to grab your hand & pull you along if you are feeling weak!

HUGE thank you to all that I call my friend!


  1. Conni I am so going to grab you by the hand and drag you with me on this challenge..LOL You It is great having you around cause I push as to not disappoint you ...This keeps me going..LOL

  2. I feel the same way Michelle! I can see my top 2 abs trying so very hard to peak out. I swear by the end of May they WILL be showing! Because like you I push harder just thinking that you are too. Thanks for going on this journey with me :)

  3. Anytime girl! You will see those abs in no time!!

  4. You ARE amazing Conni. And I totally feel your commitment to becoming healthier.

    Can't wait to see how you are feeling at the end of May!

    Rock on Woman!