Monday, March 23, 2009

week 3

Well I just finished week 3. Will be doing pics this week. I have LB DOMS all the time. (that has never happened)

I have been finding new things out about myself during this challenge

1) I wasn't working out to my full potential before (I know this because I have NEVER had DOMS like I do now)

2) I really do love oats & egg whites

3) freedays are not as much fun as I remembered them being

4) I have made a lifestyle change

5) I NEVER want to eat like I used to

6) I start my day off in a positive way everyday by reading Joel Osteens daily devotion from "Your best life begins each morning"

7) I CAN get up at 4:30 AM to do a workout before going to work

So many people have touched my life during this 2 year BFL journey. I could NEVER thank them enough....BUT....IF you happen to stumble onto my blog/diary please know I THANK YOU for all you have done for me!

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