Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 4 update

Well I made it to week 4. I have to say I Feel AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 week stats are : -6.5# & -5" & -2.31 BF% & -2.13 BMI

It is so much easier to follow the BFL lifestyle this time......don't know why but it truely FEELS like the way of life now!

It all kinda made sense after I read my Daily Devotion from Joel Osteens book " Your Best Life Begins Each Morning" this morning it said:

Firm in Your Faith

If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand firm at all Isaiah 7:9

UNDERSTANDING THIS: GOD WILL help you in life, but you cast the deciding vote. If you choose to stay focused on negative elements in your life, if you focus on what you can't do & what you don't have, then by your own choice you are agreeing to be defeated. You are conspiring with the enemy by opening the door & allowing destructive thoughts, words, actions & attitudes to dominate your life.

However,if you'll get into agreement with God, if you'll focus on your possibilities, your faith can cause God to show up & work supernaturally in your life. But its up to you. It depends on your outlook. Consider this: you are today what you believed about yourself yesterday. And you will become tomorrow what you believe about yourself right now.

Yesterday I was walking on a cloud all day. I just felt smaller, can't really explain what is happening to my body & my mind right now. All I can say is SOMETHING is happening to BOTH!!!

For the first time in my life I am feeling POSITIVE changes in all areas of my life!

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